If you want to impress some escort girls, then you must know that these girls have been with many men in life, and they have a clear idea about what a man should possess. Hence today we are going to disclose what really an escort girl prefer. In this article, you can know those qualities that makes these girls really hot and horny.

  • They prefer normal men with normal physique – When it comes to physical appearance then escort girls don’t really prefer to be with well built hunky men, but instead they prefer men with normal physique. It’s a misconception among men that only well built men are handsome, but that’s merely just an attraction point nothing else. Women want to be with men who are not show-offs.
  • They prefer gentle men who are gentle and experienced too – Escorts prefer men who are naughty and experienced, and who can show some real moves on women. If you are gentle with women then you are definitely going to be their favorite. Don’t ever disrespect them because women are not just any animals who can be treated as you like. You should respect their wishes and their boundaries too. This is the prime reason why escort girls prefer to be with gentlemen. Moreover, you should know how to make moves on women. If you are an amateur then you should learn from experts.
  • Be confident – One of the secrets of impressing any women on this planet is confidence. It really doesn’t matter how sexy or how romantic you are in personal space, but if you are not confident, then you will never be able to score with girls. Hence confidence is an important part of a man’s life on which they should never stop working on. If you are confident then nothing is impossible to achieve.
  • Try to be as decent as possible in public but not in private – You might now know this but women want their man to be decent and gentle, but that is only when they are in public, but when you are totally alone with them, you should be rough romantically. Don’t be too soft during intimate moments, instead just follow your passion and let things happen naturally. Escort girls also prefer the kind of man who is passionate on bed and who knows how to make things hotter.
  • Surprises are always welcome – It really doesn’t matter if you are dating someone or if you are hiring someone. You should really think something special and always surprise the girl. Women loves surprises and you can really make them happy by doing simple gestures, like gifting her something.

These are some of the kind of men that escort girl prefers. If you have these qualities then you are definitely going to make quite an impression on them. You must always remember that these qualities are not just for impressing escort girls, but normal girls also prefer these qualities in their men.